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ZZ Top

Jane's Golden Oldies Web Harvest
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ZZ Top

Full Albums:
01] La Futura  02] Tres Hombres (Expanded & Remastered)  03] Mescalero  04] XXX  05] Rhythmeen  06] Antenna 07] Recycler 08] Tejas
09] Afterburner  10] Eliminator  11] El Loco 12] Deguello  13] Fandango!  14] Tres Hombres  15] Rio Grande Mud 16] ZZ Top's First Album




01] Texicali

Compilation Albums:
01] Goin' 50  02] The Very Baddest  03] Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top  04] One Foot in the Blues  05] Greatest Hits


Live Albums:
01] Live: Greatest Hits From Around the World  02] Live at Montreux 2013  03] El Diablo (Recorded Live At Rock Palace, Essen)
04] Live In Germany 1980  05] Live From Texas


Files listed on this blog are individual uploads to video-/audio sharing platforms by various uploaders
We select -at least- standard definition (SD) video files and/or 128kb MP3 audio files

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